Jake Dewar and Kelly Opalko are JK in The Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival!

What are you up to on Saturday? Maybe a little bird filled you in that it's time for the Chicago Sketch Comedy Festival! Our very own Jake Dewar (HR Giger: Clerk & Dagger) and Kelly Opalko (Guest: Fuzzy PeopleDirector, Gail: Clerk & Dagger) are in the festival this year as JK! 

When can I go see them, you ask? You can see them at Stage 773 (1225 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL 60657) on Saturday, January 9th @ 5pm! 5pm! What a great time and what a Saturday you'll have, because you can go see them at this convenient time and still go do all your night plans! So remember to get your tickets and go check out JK at the Chicago Sketch Comedy Fest! Go Jake & Kelly! Woooo!

Check out their trailer because THEY JUST WANNA LET YOU KNOW SOMETHING:

Here's a map!


Stuck inside all day? Check out JK on Giggity.tv!