Stephanie Weber

Tick Tock (w/ Stephanie Weber)

Tick Tock (w/ Stephanie  Weber)

Angeline Zellner is an advertising executive in Chicago, IL, with an opportunity before her: an opportunity for revenge. Back in high school a boy named Tony D’Augustino ditched her at the biggest dance of the year, and now Tony’s humble clock shop in the suburbs is her agency’s newest account. Angeline has a perfect pitch for an ad that will destroy Tony’s life… until her purposefully bad ad catches more attention than she bargained for.

Last Train Home (w/ Samantha Berkman)

Last Train Home (w/ Samantha Berkman)

Odessa is a proud young woman, and for good reason. She is the bravest of the brave, the strongest of the strong, the cleverest of the clever. When her friends want to go out for a night of party-hopping, it’s only natural that they turn to her to lead them. Can Odessa lead a motley crew of young drunks (including her naive little sister) around Chicago and make it back in time to snuggle up to her beau? Will she (with the distant aid of her wise eldest sister) be able to keep the group together and navigate a night of drinking contests, arrogant party-boys, seductive taco joints and one sinister cyclist, or will she and her sister miss The Last Train Home?!