The Mountain Path (w/ Kristen Hallen)

mtn path (3).jpg

In a land before time, a permanent night has fallen over the valley of the People Who Live By The Lake after smoke from the nearby, long dormant volcano fills the sky. Something must be done to preserve their way of life and bring back the sun. Tag and Vee, a mighty warrior and a gentle priestess, embark on this dangerous quest knowing that one of them will never return. The long path up the mountain is beset by dangers. Strange beasts, rivers of lava, clouds of ash, and a mysterious, brutal guardian, all await to make sure Tag and Vee never make it to the top and the night lasts forever.


  • Spencer D Blair

  • Richard Brasseale

  • Laura Petro

  • Levi Shrader

  • Hobert Thompson

  • With Liz Fitzgerald as Vee

  • And Kristin Phillips as Tag