Moon Base (LIVE at Cold Reads, Hot Scripts at iO Chicago)


The year is the future and the world is in peril. Mankind has fracked the moon and caused it to crack down the center. If something isn’t done fast, a part of the moon might break off and tumble toward the Earth, killing everyone. Surely Earth’s brightest minds can solve the problem, if only science wasn’t so expensive! A partnering with a TV network, a team of scientists who all happen to be good looking and one celebrity guest are assembled to set out to save the moon and fall in love on Earth’s newest hit reality show: Moon Base!

Thanks to Cold Reads, Hot Scripts at iO Chicago for having the PMT gang on!

Spencer D Blair
Angie Campbell
DC Cathro
Megan Corse
Zach Hacker
Cassie Middlemist
Shariba Rivers
Hobert Thompson
With Louie Cordon as RealityTron
And Sompong Patheuangsin as Awkwafina

Poster by Jess Fang