Knock-Offe: Joust the Two of Us (w/ Gwen Hope)

Poster by Jess Fang

Poster by Jess Fang

It’s a new year at the popular Midwest attraction, Ye Olde Time Fun Zone, and the knights of the realm are gathered once again to run the rides, games, and stunt show that make the park a hit with families. The Kings, the adorable older couple that own the park, have new ideas for the year that, while VERY similar to existing fantasy properties, are legally safe homages, and in no way infringing on any trademarks or copyrights…probably. Can Summer romance bloom in this land of fair use enchantment? Can Sir Ron, with the help of his stoner companion, win the hand of Princess Jane? Or will the machinations of jealous exes ruin a storybook romance for the ages?


  • Spencer D Blair

  • Gwen Hope

  • Zak Kinnaird

  • Forestt Strong LaFave

  • Laura Petro

  • Rebecca Shrom

  • Hobert Thompson

  • With Bayley Pokorny as Ron

  • And Hana Christenson as Princess Jane

    Poster by Jess Fang