New Look, Same Great Taste (w/ Andreas Aristides)


Helmut and Heidi Tübgürte own a small, artisanal yogurt company in a small nordic city where their family has always supplied the locals with some of the best yogurt in the world. A dream of expansion and a chance meeting with an enthusiastic American inspires them to take their brand to the USA, but unbeknownst to them, their new partner Tanner is more interested in branding and turning a quick profit than keeping any of his promises. With corners being cut and regulations being ignored, Tube-Gurt prepares to launch in the US and the results could ruin the family yogurt business forever. 


Andreas Aristides

Spencer D Blair

Meggie Gates

Gwen Hope

Nate Odenkirk

Laura Petro

Hobert Thompson

With Pat Hoban and Lisa Albano as Helmut and Heidi 

And Austin Cope as Tanner

Poster by Andreas Aristides