Last Call (w/ Chris Jordan)


Death has always been a big part of Carson’s life. Really, it’s a big part of everyone’s lives since everyone knows exactly when and how they are going to die. When it’s time for you to know, a mysterious call center calls to inform you of your upcoming demise. For many people, this information gives them a sense of purpose and drive. People organize lavish “Last Day” parties for their friends and family, enjoy extreme sports, and become closely connected to the people who are part of (or responsible for) their deaths. Unlike many people, Carson’s fate keeps changing. Left guessing what the end of his story will be, he lives his life navigating a world of certainty, uncertain of when his last call will be.


Spencer D Blair

Chris Jordan

Cass Ostrander

Olivia Perry

Laura Petro

Hobert Thompson

With Miles Potter as Ted

And Andreas Aristides as Carson

Poster by Jess Fang