Go (w/ Hannah Daniels and Liz Getty)


Richard Pennyberg is the richest man in Atlantic City, maybe even the world, and Mr. Pennyberg is no longer in the game. He has been convicted of a long list of criminal offenses and sent directly to jail. His many properties and businesses are now up for grabs as his holdings are dissolved, and key players in the city are now moving to grab up as much as they can. The fashion mogul, the race car driver, the oil man, the dog breeder, and even his slow-witted nephew are all rolling the dice to see if they can bargain, con, and steal to collect as much of Pennyberg’s fortune as they can. With the authorities shining a light on their shady business dealings and an intrepid reporter covering the story, it’s anyone’s guess who will make their monopoly, and who will go bust.


  • Andreas Aristides

  • Spencer D Blair

  • Austin Cope

  • Dylan Doetch

  • Hannah Daniel

  • Liz Getty

  • Hobert Thompson

  • With Nick Daniel as Jefferson and Richard Pennyberg