Steel Toed (w/ Will Stagg)


Gabe is a simple guy. Gentle and kind, he loves his life working at a shoe store in suburban Ohio, he loves his girlfriend, Miranda, and he loves heavy metal music. There was a time in his life when he might have wanted to play professionally, but those days are long gone. Moments from closing the shop on an average Friday the 13th, a mysterious man arrives with an unusual request and Gabe suddenly finds himself in the body of Gabriel, the man he would have been if he’d stayed in his high school metal band, Steel Souls. As the two Gabes adjust to very different lifestyles, both walk a mile in a different pair of shoes and find out both paths would have offered them something they were missing.


  • Spencer D Blair

  • Sadie Lancrete

  • Chance Nichols

  • Cass Ostrander

  • Laura Petro

  • Will Stagg

  • Hobert Thompson

  • With Gabe Michalski as Gabe/Gabriel

  • And Calvin “Apoxis” Armstrong as the Mysterious Man

  • Poster by Lev Cantora