Neighborly Dicks (w/ Ian Erickson)


Tim and Jim have never really gotten along. Neighbors since the births of their sons, they’ve felt a competitive spirit between them that has, over the years, started to erode their sanity. On the eve of their sons joint 21st birthdays their competition reaches a fever pitch, with both men spending and scheming to make sure their respective party is the most memorable 21st. As the parties devolve into a chaotic night of high-end electronics, fancy liquor, and famous bands, will Jim and Tim learn anything? Or will they just keep being Neighborly Dicks?


  • Spencer D Blair

  • Ian Erickson

  • Elsie How

  • Melanie Menendez

  • Nate Odenkirk

  • Richie Owens

  • Hobert Thompson

  • With Neftali Morales as Tim

  • And Arlo Chapple as Jim