Knotty (w/ Brittany Meyer)

Poster Art by Jess Fang

Poster Art by Jess Fang

It's 1975 and eighteen year-old photography enthusiast Jen Davis is trying to enjoy her last summer before college. She’s staying with her grandparents, Bunny and Walter, in upstate New York doing the same things she does every summer: helping out in her grandmother's craft store and taking pictures for the local church. After a revelation about her grandmother’s history, Jen soon finds herself experimenting with her photography skills to host boudoir photoshoots to help the older women in the town to reclaim their bodies and sexuality, all while Jen is discovering herself and experiencing first love while getting...knotty. 


  • Spencer D Blair

  • Zak Kinnaird

  • Chance Nichols

  • Laura Petro

  • Hobert Thompson

  • Kelsie Blackwell as Bunny

  • And Hana Christenson as Jen