Do Your Thing! (W/ Meggie Gates)

Gertrude Slime was one of the biggest porn stars of the 70’s; an icon of the sexual revolution now retired and spending her twilight years bored and reminiscing. When an internet search takes her to the page of an aspiring SoundCloud rapper named Dirty Napz, Gertrude finds herself suddenly in a relationship again. Despite their age difference, the pair find kinship in their art, their loneliness, and their passion for their communities. Will jealousy and a world that doesn’t understand pull Gertrude and Napz apart? Or will they live by the code of “Do Your Thing!”?


  • Spencer D Blair

  • Meggie Gates

  • Connor Golden 

  • Richie Owens

  • Hobert Thompson

  • Tad Walters

  • Eric Wiig

  • With Rebecca Bulnes as Gertrude Slime

  • And Alex Collyard as Dirty Napz