Clean Magic Crew & The Heart of New York


The Clean Magic cleaning company has been a fixture of their neighborhood for years. Just a normal family, workin’ in the Big Apple. Only that’s what they want you to think! Really they are the premier fixers for the fantastical community of NYC, cleaning up everything from alien invasions to undead plagues, all in secrecy with the help of a crew of top-notch specialists. But times change, and the hapless children of the Rabbito clan are now in charge of the operation. Will they be able to keep up the family biz? Or does a malevolent force have it’s eye on…The Heart of New York City!


  • Brian Bennett

  • Spencer D Blair

  • Meggie Gates

  • Tucker Millett

  • Brigid Neary

  • Richie Owens

  • Will Stagg

  • With Lily Reed as Peachy

  • Peter Olszowka as Luiguy

  • Matt Roarty as Mar-yo