Moonpie (w/ Brianna Wellen)


Frank Cosmos always wanted to be astronaut, but sometimes life serves you up a different slice of fate. After her beloved father dies, Frank is visited by his ghost, who conveys his dying wish: move to New Zealand and run his pie shop, Moonpie. Can this All-American tech wiz make life in a small New Zealand town work? Can she ever learn to cook? Who will she fall for: the shy shepherd with the kind smile, or the charming cobbler who’s more than he seems? Ghosts, pies, and music abound in MOONPIE!


  • Jess Benson

  • Spencer D Blair

  • Dylan Doetch

  • Richie Owens

  • Hobert “DJ HJ” Thompson

  • Brianna Wellen

  • With Rebecca Bulnes as Frank Cosmos

  • Michael Scipioni as Alan Shepard 

  • And Ron Ferrara as Allen Cobbler