Fight Street (w/ Alex Borkowski)

Fight Street Poster.jpg

In the big city it’s a metaphorical dog eat dog world, a metaphorical concrete jungle, a metaphorical street fight. But for baker Alex Liddell, it’s about to get way more literal. After foiling a mugging, Alex is invited into the city’s most exclusive martial arts tournament, where average folk from every walk of life compete for a life changing top prize, or suffer the wrath of The Red Queen. Can you tell me how to get to Fight Street?


  • Spencer D Blair

  • Alex Borkowski

  • Liz Getty

  • Richie Owens

  • Hobert Thompson

  • With Will Quam as Grant Masters

  • Dylan Doetch as Alex “The Baker” Liddell

  • And Derry Mac as The Red Queen

Cast and Writers of "Fight Street"

Cast and Writers of "Fight Street"