Time Traveling Beach Bitch (w/ Sadie Lancrete)

Left a lonely beach orphan after her parent’s tragic demises, Pepper Elizabeth spends her days stealing, dancing, and being a badass beach bitch. But when a time traveller comes to her with a dire mission and a team of slightly familiar historical figures, it’s up to Pepper Elizabeth to shake the sand from her hair and learn to do some instruments, because only Rock ’n’ Roll can save the future!


  • Matt Collins

  • Spencer D Blair

  • Liz Getty

  • Nathan Hall

  • Sadie Lancrete

  • Erik Morrison

  • Richie Owens

  • Hobert Thompson

  • With Stephen Hilger as Sir T

  • And Madeline Horwath as Pepper Elizabeth

The Cast!

The Writers!

"Daisy" by Matt Collins