Deathstream (w/ Richard Kniazuk)


Time ticks by slowly in Sauna City. Like a bead of sweat running down your face or film that’s just one scene too long. Steve Gerard, film critic, knows this all too well. Steve’s been spending way too much time online, and he’s started to notice something he worries no one else has seen: a killer, lurking sites and bragging about a string of mysterious murders of online personalities. Can Steve connect the clues across the web that no one else is noticing? Or is the sweltering summer heat and constant diet of content making him lose his mind?


  • Samantha Berkman

  • Spencer D Blair

  • Liz Getty

  • Richard Kniazuk

  • Nate Odenkirk

  • Richie Owens

  • Paula Skaggs

  • Hobert Thompson 

  • And Chad Weaver as Steve Gerard