The Fort Knights (w/ Matthew Hoelter)

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The Carlsburg family solves its problems on the battlefield. Well, the simulated battlefield. And now on the eve of another LARPing event they’ve invited their friends, the Knights, to participate in a weekend of padded armor, foam swords, and a single quest: Parents vs Kids, with gaming privileges on the line. Taking up sword and bow, the children of the two families hold up in a besieged fortress and defend against the dragon’s monster horde. How long will they hold out against their parents’ unrelenting, but loving, assault? 


  • Spencer D Blair

  • Steph Callaghan

  • Drew Flippin

  • Grant Gigot

  • Kristen Hallen

  • Matthew Hoelter

  • Richie Owens

  • Olivia Perry

  • Hobert Thompson