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        The milkshake hit with a splat! on the window you were staring out.  It was chocolate, no wait, it was hot fudge, but that hardly mattered as the gang of milkshake-hurling ruffians began to encircle your home. They approached, as they often do during these days of chaos, seemingly at random; unfocused.
        Not wanting to let the unruly youths get the upper hand, you lift your shirt and press your bare nipples against the glass. Flashing nipples was a sign of dominance among the gangs, a signal their alphas used to maintain control of the younger members and their dwindling supplies of weaponized dairy products. 
        Pistachio, quivering with fear, presses a few quick buttons on his phone, and within minutes, the haunting chorus of an ice cream truck fills the air.

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